hagglunds fleet


Our Hagglunds BV206 vehicles are highly versatile vehicles designed to conquer any terrain. Equipped with four driven tracks and articulating steering joint, the Hagglunds have full mobility in any environment. The BV206 exerts a mere 1.76psi of ground pressure—in comparison the human foot exerts 10psi—but is still capable of speeds of up to 50km/h with a load capacity of 2 tons. We utilize our Hagglunds fleet for crew transport, cargo forwarding, forest firefighting and pipeline and transmission line egress. Using our Hagglunds for our water transfer systems, we are able to mobilize and demobilize quickly and in remote areas. 






Spooler in trees.jpg


Our custom spooler attachments make positioning lay-flat hose fast and efficient, no matter the terrain.

Lifting Arm with box.jpg

Hook LIft

Our customized hook lift systems make for easy lifting and load changing.

Fuel Tank.jpg

Tanks and other attachments

We have water tanks, fuel tanks, flat decks, dump boxes and passenger bubbles, allowing us to customize our Hagglunds for any project.